Bifid median nerve: a case study at the wrist

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James Y Edem
Ananivi SOGAN
Ndoye J Mann
Diop Mahmodou
Aziz Ndiaye
Ali Dia
James K Inu


Aim: Authors report here a fortuitous discovery of a case of bifid median nerve during the wrist dissection of a cadaverous melanoderm belonging to the Wolof ethnic group.

Background: The bifid median nerve corresponds to a duplication of the median nerve trunk inside the carpal tunnel. It is a rare variation which is often associated with the persistence of wrist median artery.

Case description: The duplication started at about 14 cm distal and lateral from the medial bicipital groove. The medial trunk ended in the third interdigital space.  The lateral trunk gave four branches. There was neither wrist median artery nor any other variations of the wrist normal structures.

Conclusion: The bifid median nerve is rare but should be kept in mind.

Clinical significance: Being aware of this kind of variation is important to avoid nerve lesions during carpal tunnel surgery.

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Edem, J. Y., SOGAN, A., Mann, N. J., Mahmodou, D., Ndiaye, A., Dia, A., & Inu, J. K. (2021). Bifid median nerve: a case study at the wrist. Health Sciences Investigations (HSI) Journal, 2(2), 273-276.
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