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Crentstil T


The Highway of Life
People juxtaposed against home and vegetation

“The Highway of Life”
A painting inspired by the constant human endeavor towards well-being.
The story of human existence cannot be told without identifying with various attributes meant to enhance their wellbeing.
Artist’s perspective
In the painting, one identifies people in a procession. These people are positioned in the two middle rows, signifying the protection they enjoy from the environment. Secondly, the different colours used, their various tones and intensities is an attempt to define the individualism of each person. The painting seeks to portray the urgency with which every person congregates on what we call the Highway of life. This highway includes all human endeavours - work, school, trade, faith, etc. Whilst on the highway, everything else (captured in the painting as the vegetation and buildings) becomes secondary. The rest of the story lies with the viewer.  Tabi Crentsil, 2021.

Editors’ view
The full rampaging effects of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) on human health and the world economy is still being unravelled. The journey on the “Highway of Life” - work, school, trade, faith, etc., as depicted in the painting must be navigated despite all the chaos created by the COVID-19. Governments and citizens are working assiduously to tackle the nuisance created by the coronavirus. The COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill and even though life is slowly resuming normalcy with some level of adjustments, new strains of the coronavirus continue to impede humanity’s efforts. As more research is conducted on COVID-19, we cannot ignore the environmental effects that may play a role in mitigating the devastating effects of the disease in Africa. It takes sheer determination, science and technology and humanity to tackle this menace to make the “highway of life” a reality. This COVID-19 underscores the importance of science in the survival of humans, the need to invest in our science and technology, engage in more research and disseminate our findings to make the world a better place. At the HSI Journal, we are determined and committed to continue disseminating knowledge through research findings unabated.
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